we are

                 from miami, florida. please stop wasting your time reading this and proceed to listen to what brought you here.                                                             

#analogmia                                                     thank you for your time

the good stuff, our sound

                  this is it. these are the goods. it is certainly  what brought you here... or is it? what brought you here?

was it our colorful personalities on social media? did you "feel it"?  did you feel the connection?

whatever it is that brought you, we are grateful.

no more searching, you found it...stream it, play it, listen to it, or sing along with us. we made it all for you.

thank you. 

live feed
analog is:
albae camino – vocals/guitar
manu gonzalez – bass/vocals
esteban gomez - guitar/vocals
tekilla23 - drums
analog is a miami-based band that refuses to be tied down to one type of rock sub-genre. the band borrows sounds from the 70's, ealry 90's, garnished with a hint of blues and indie-pop. Instead of comparing analog with other popular acts, click on the music and create your own opinion.
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